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Antique American Redware

new england redware new england redware

NEW ENGLAND DECORATED EARTHENWARE / REDWARE JAR, lead-glazed with iron-oxide speckles, approximately one-quart capacity, barrel form with five bands of three/four rings and two incised sine waves, short everted rim with slight inner flange. Probably Maine. Mid 19th century. 8 1/4" H, 3 5/8" D rim. Loss of roughly half the rim, expected flaking/wear to rings. Glazed over hairline off base, as made.

redware vermont jar

ca. 1830 jar made in Vermont by Edward William Farrar

farrar redware jar

Jar, 1825-1830, by Edward William Farrar, Middlebury, Vermont, Art Institute of Chicago

bell mugs


Hervey Brooks, 1840, 8.5” tall

Hervey Brooks

Hervey Brooks

Spreeuw Pot, Dutch for Starlings Pot, 1600-1800, Rotterdam Museum

Staffordshire, 1720

Thomas Haig, c. 1840-50

Jacob Medinger

Headman Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA